An Elder's Words of Wisdom

As this year comes to a close I'm reminded of a few lessons one member of the illustrious group, The Greatest Generation, so graciously taught me. I met Dabney Montgomery in 2007. He was one of eleven Tuskegee Airmen my co-producer and I interviewed for a documentary titled, Flying for Freedom. I have kept in touch with Dabney and the other interviewees over the years. Visiting them whenever possible to sit at their feet and glean as much wisdom as I can. While editing a current documentary told partially in animation, I came across a few gems from Dabney that I wanted to share. I hope his words inspire you as they have me -- to continue the work that remains to be done for equality and civil rights and let the knowledge of our shared history be our guiding light. 

"In my experience the only way to combat fear is with hope." 

"Let us not forget that in every generation, somebody's got to stand up for truth and right." 

"Somebody's going to challenge you as if they are god making all the laws. They're not. They are just ordinary people and they'll bluff you out of everything you have. Don't let them do it." 

Dabney N. Montgomery (1923-2016) 

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